CIGRE - Paris 2016 - Expert Sessions

CIGRE - Paris 2016 - Expert Sessions

From August 22nd to 26th
08/24/2016 - 10.50 am

Meet our Experts at Cigré.
The biennial Cigré Session and its Technical Exhibition taking place in Paris bring together more than 8500 senior executives, engineers and experts from the worldwide Power Industry.

From August 22nd to 26th @ Palais des Congrès - Paris, France
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The main themes for this year’s event include:
  • The Electrical Power System of the Future: super grids, smart grids...
  • Making best use of the existing power system
  • Focus on environment and sustainability
  • Communication on power system issues to the audience 
As in previous events, our GE experts who contribute towards Think Grid will be there to share their domain of expertise with the Conference’s visitors through official presentations, panel discussions, technical meetings and poster sessions.  
Check in the list below which one of GE Experts tackle the topics you are interested in and visit their sessions. Use the opportunity to discover GE’s latest developments or to meet GE’s experts on our booth#332, 3rd Floor.
Conference Title Authors
A2-111 Parameters influencing Partial Discharge Measurements and their Impact on Diagnosis, Monitoring and
Acceptance Tests of Power Transformers
A2-112 Assessment of Methanol as cellulose aging marker in mineral and ester oils ML. COULIBALY - FRANCE
A2-203 3 Phase 420 kV Shunt Reactor manufacturing and quality sensitivity for vibration control – A case study VIJAYAKUMARAN MOORKATH - INDIA
A2-309 Evaluation of the Thermal Performance of Transformer Windings by Numerical Investigations and
A3-114 Detailed Analysis of livetanks, dead tanks and gas Circuit-Breakers using a new environmental
friendly gas
A3-115 Methodologies for pollution tests on composite housing G. TESTIN – ITALY
A3-205 D-Watch – intelligent disconnector mechanism for digital substation E. STELLA - ITALY
A3-304 Power quality enhancement through optimum combination of controlled switching and low scatter CB drives F. AIT-ABDELMALEK - FRANCE
B3-103 Substation Automation from Conventional to Full Digital Technologies – Case Studies and Impact P. KALKY- R. BHARAT
B3-106 Application of a fluoronitrile gas in GIS and GIL as an environmental friendly alternative to SF6 D. GAUTSCHI - SWITZERLAND
B3-211 Integration of an IEC 61850 process bus in an existing substation T. BUHAGIAR - FRANCE
B4-123 Feedback on IFA 2000 France-England Refurbishment Project A. DROUET D'AUBIGNY - FRANCE
B4-132 Design consideration associated with DolWin3 and evolution of GE’s MaxSine® VSC Technology D. FONTEYNE - UNITED KINGDOM
B4-202 Blocking reactor as part of SVC system - a novel concept for harmonics reduction and lowered operational losses J. AHO - FINLAND
B4-203 Comparison of Switching Schemes for STATCOMs using Modular Multi-Level Converters J. TURUNEN - FINLAND
B5-205 Operating experience with the coordinated requirements for power plant and power system protection A. JANSSEN - NETHERLANDS
C2-103 High Fidelity Modeling Approach to Analyzing Combined-Cycle Power Plant Response to Proposed ROCOF - Requirements in Ireland S. BARNES - USA
(Energy Consulting)
C2-117 Smart dispatch of variable-speed Pump Storage Plants to facilitate the insertion of intermittent generation A. NETO - FRANCE
C2-208 Advances in wide area monitoring and control D. WILSON - UNITED KINGDOM
C3-304 Reduction of greenhouse gases in GIS pilot project application in UK E. LARUELLE - FRANCE
C4-102 Transient Stability Impacts of High Levels of RES on the Western US Grid N. MILLER – USA
(Energy Consulting)
C4-209 Isolated systems interconnected via HV submarine XLPE cables G. TREMOUILLE - FRANCE
C6-301 NY Prize Community Grid Competition S. VENKATARAMAN
D1-102 Interest of simulations to assess tests to be performed on DC GIS A. GIRODET - FRANCE
D1-204 Characteristics of fluoronitrile/CO2 mixture, an alternative to SF6 K. POHLINK - SWITZERLAND
D2-113 Distributed control architecture for effective Distributed Energy Resources Management G. FOGGIA - FRANCE
D2-309 MPLS-TP as packet platform for critical services in power transmission J. RAMIREZ

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